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We’re a small team of problem solvers with a track record of successfuly tackling challenges head on and and then pushing the boundaries. We’re passionate about what we do and the results we achieve.


Since 1999 we have provided creative services for multiple e-Commerce & Content Management websites for all the following platforms

Turbo-charged E-commerce

Everyone would love more sales and our team are experts at implementing  attractive and functional e-commerce solutions to integrate seamlessly into your website’s design and structure. If you’re thinking about adding an e-commerce function to your website then you’ve come to the right people to do  this with the aid of the Dawnbreaker team and ECWID an e-commerce system Used by over 1.5 million merchants in 175 countries you’ve just found the right solution for you.

18 Years

We’re flexible to accommodate your wants and needs. In fact it’s rare that you’ll ever hear the phrase “we can’t do that” because, chances are, we can!

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Years Combined Experience

Here’s our ‘bunch ‘ who have a total of 45 years combined experience.

Designers, web developers, artists,  copywriters, search engine specialist ~ all creative thinkers – who all work at their various places in UK, Sir Lanka and France

Brian Furness

Founder & Developer




Sri Lanka


Marc P

Search engine optimisation


Our Locations

Below you will see where this bunch of 3 are located – with Nathy presumably sitting with her laptop on a beach all day and Marc, who lives in the Champagne Region of France, simply drinks ‘Bubbly’  whilst dreaming of SEO. Looks like I’ve drawn the short straw living in Crich and a Lighthouse that couldn’t be any further from the sea!

Derbyshire and the home of Dawnbreaker Solutions

                                                                                                                                                                        [email protected]

                                       Waikkal Beach, Sri Lanka, the home  of Natharie

                                                                                      [email protected]

             Verzenay , Montagne de Reims – home of Champagne and, of course, Marc P

                                                               [email protected]


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